Following construction of the new building, the Dortmund social department store “Möbelbörse” will be furnished and equipped with a pragmatic, flexible and aesthetically appropriate shop system: 

coloured pallets serve as display areas, while movable shelf modules act as room dividers and are decorated with large-format graphics. The graphics serve as orientation, information and room dividers or – in the case of the patterned graphics – function as pure decorative items and colour accents.

In addition to the sales area, there are now storage areas and a multifunctional room that is actively used for events and exhibitions on the subject of “Upcycling – creating new from the old”.

wiehl, Co. developed: graphic room concept and printed material – concept, text, pictograms, graphics, layout

Client: EDG – Dortmund, DE

Industry: Waste management

Shop concept: D´ART