EDG – Exhibition stand

The forward-looking disposal company EDG commissioned a campaign to encourage people to sort their waste. The aim is to explain what can be recycled in the future, how to sort refuse properly and which services are offered by EDG. To make sure the message reaches people from many different countries of origin, the challenge is to use as little text as possible.

We created icons to symbolise characteristic types of rubbish from various categories. The system, which features more than 80 different icons, is used on a whole range of communication media, including at the consumer show in 2011.

Illuminated modules communicate the sorting of refuse in a bold and striking manner using the icons developed by us. A magnetic icon game also invites consumers to examine the issue in a playful manner.

We developed: icon system, exhibition stand, brochures, give-aways

Client: EDG – Dortmund, DE

Industry: Waste management

Stand builder: Projektpilot

Awards: Red dot Design Award, ED Design Award, nominated: German design award