Slade School of Fine Art – 2009/10

The Slade School of Fine Art is an internationally renowned art school in London. Large typography and striking colours characterise the visual identity of the Slade. Every year the school publishes brochures for its Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as well as its summer courses. The distinctive feature of all brochures is that the text and images are compiled in a continuous format. Therefore the brochure pages are turned from bottom to top.

Information on the Bachelor’s course is presented in a bright green booklet and the Master’s course in a blue one, setting it apart from the general information in the rest of the course brochure. The brochure for the summer courses stands out thanks to the use of a neon orange.

We developed: course brochure, summer school brochure, rdp brochure, private view cards, book mark, posters, ads

Client: Slade School of Fine Art – London, UK

Industry: Education

awards: type directors club new york, if design award, ed design award