DOGA – ‘1/2/3’ brochure

The waste disposal sector needs to apply a new electronic logistics certification procedure. After decades of dealing with mountains of forms, the future will be filled with websites and chip cards. The innovations, however, have not been universally welcomed, as it means changes to a number of routine processes.

For the introduction of this service offering by DOGA, we designed an information brochure which utilised simple, digital-looking graphics to explain the changes in the simplest possible way and split the process into the three steps that the refuse must go through: hence the title ‘1/2/3’.

We developed: logo, brochure, mobile exhibition stands, chip cards, give-aways – concept, copy, layout

Client: DOGA – Dortmund, DE

Industry: Waste management

Awards: iF Design award, nominated: Designpreis der BRD