EDG – Website

The forward-looking disposal company EDG commissioned a campaign to encourage people to sort their waste. The aim is to explain what can be recycled in the future, how to sort refuse properly and which services are offered by EDG. To make sure the message reaches people from many different countries of origin, the challenge is to use as little text as possible.

Besides developing a comprehensive pictogram system and numerous print media, a new website is to be designed and created. Modern features such as a depot container and a recycling yard search and the “Where to” waste separation tool offer website users orientation and assistance.

wiehl, Co. developed: website – concept, structure, image concept, charts, screendesign

Support/Art Direction: 2014–2020

Client: EDG – Dortmund, DE

Industry: Waste management

Technical implementation: Unternehmen online

Photography: Dominik Asbach